What is the plan for the project?

We hope to pitch the project and the Proof-of-Concept trailer of The Serpent Sword to distributors and production companies with the aim of securing funding to produce the full series.

When will the trailer be ready?

Filming was completed in March 2020. This has been professionally graded and edited and had post production sound and original music added and the Proof-of-Concept trailer will be released on 23rd July 2020 (one week earlier on the Patreon page).

How can I help?

Follow us on social media and spread the word. When the trailer comes out, share it far and wide. Bringing historically accurate, professional quality film to the screen is not cheap, even when all of the professionals involved are giving their time and talents for free. If you would like to help us financially and receive some exclusive rewards, please join the Patreon page.

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Will the series really be historically accurate?

If we retain full artistic control of the series, we will do our best to keep it as authentic as possible. Of course, we know there will be limitations as to what we can achieve, but it is our belief that we can tell a gripping tale of epic proportions and still remain true to the history.

I’m an early medieval reenactor, can I help?

Contact us. We may well be in need of lots of extras in the future!

Any other questions?

Contact us!