Production Team

Rhiannan Falshaw - Director and Producer

Rhiannan Falshaw

Rhiannan is the Managing Director of CineMerse. Responsible for directing the trailer of The Serpent Sword as well as being a driving force behind the general management of the project, Rhiannan’s passion, experience and critical eye will ensure that the finished product is amazing.

Rhiannan has worked on features such as The Machine and Ironclad along with various film work for the BBC and commercial content for SONY, the NHS,, Principality and many others. Her work within CineMerse has taken her across the globe filming in Shanghai, Las Vegas and beyond; along with a special trip to 10 Downing Street to exhibit CineMerse's showreel of work as part of the top 100 small UK businesses as featured in The Guardian.

James Faulkner - Producer

James Faulkner

James is a passionate amateur historian, with a keen interest in living history, paying particular attention to historical martial arts and experimental archaeology. He also has a strong interest in woodwork, fieldcraft and traditional brewing techniques.

James has worked on several films, including Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

Matthew Harffy - Writer and producer

Matthew is the author of the Bernicia Chronicles series of novels featuring the hero, Beobrand, and his journey from young farmhand to seasoned warrior in the 7th century. Matthew is excited about seeing his creation come to life on the screen, and is always open to ideas about how to make the transition work best. He has enjoyed working with Greg and the team to ensure that not only do they produce something truly magical, but that at no point do they lose the heart of the source material.

For more information on Matthew and his writing visit his website.

Greg Stewart - Screenwriter

Greg Stewart

Greg is the project’s script writer and has been working closely with Matthew and the rest of the team in crafting a compelling and dynamic TV adaptation of The Serpent Sword, retaining as much of the story, characters and authenticity from the novel as is possible. Greg’s previous work includes the screenplay for the feature film ‘Loki’s Game’ and a short film, ‘Birthday Cards’, which is in development with Jump Cut Studios. Greg is also a novelist and ‘Wolf Head’, the first in a new series of epic fantasy horror novels, has just been published.

For more information on Greg visit his website.

Connor H. Thomas - Director of Photography and Producer

Connor H. Thomas

Connor Hamilton Thomas, the creative heart behind CineMerse, brings his wealth of knowledge in cinematography to The Serpent Sword. Having discovered his passion for filmmaking early on, Connor designs and dictates every shot with precision. Connor has filmed around the globe, from Las Vegas to Shanghai, producing work for the likes of BBC, S4C and ITV, and brands such as BMW, NHS and, as well as working on various different feature films. Connor has earned numerous accolades for his work, including ‘Best Cinematography’ at Cinema LA, Hollywood Film Fest & Canada Cinema Fest, to name a few.

Jordan Woodley - Producer

Connor H. Thomas

An experienced actor, writer, and producer, Jordan Woodley began his acting career following his BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre at the University of South Wales. Having performed across a range of platforms, including theatre, radio, and online, Jordan began to take on a broader media production role. Jordan’s producing experience begin in radio; as an experienced presenter of student, community, and local radio, he transitioned into producer roles and in 2017 completed a Masters Degree in Radio Production at Bournemouth University.

With a passion for radio drama, he continues to work on projects for radio and online. Recently, Jordan began to expand his remit into working in television.

His other achievements have included being a Screenplay Finalist at the 2019 Waterford Film Festival, for his script “Know Your Monster”, and he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate as a member of the cast and crew of Doctor Who Series 11 by Sheffield Hallam University. Alongside working on The Serpent Sword, Jordan has continued his acting career, featuring in web series “Duty’s Veil”, performing in a rapid response theatre production of “Crystal Clear” performed at The Old Red Lion in London, and featured in a range of online promotional material.

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